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"Would you like us to take off our bras", Connie asked quietly, while she stared at his pecker?! "Y-yes, please", he stammered, "take them off for me!" As Connie unhooked the eight snaps holding Amy`s massive brassiere, she groaned, "Look, Amy, he`s getting and erection!" Kevin had never in life given a thought that fat girls could be sexy, but incredibly, his pecker was turning into a piece of hard steel! "Sweet, jesus", he moaned when Amy`s full chest flopped onto the top roll of tummy fat, "they`re unbelievable!" He started to reach down to jerk his erection but was stopped when Connie ordered, "Stop that, in this house you never jerk off, one of us will always be their to either suck or fuck you, agreed?!" "Y-yes", he stammered, "I need it now, please, help me!" "Just wait a minute", Amy teased, "until we get all of our things off, then you`ll get all the attention you need!" "Okay", he panted, "p-please hurry!" "I think he likes us, Connie", Amy said sweetly, "I guess we`d better get the rest of our things off!"

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Tease Me!

Jeanne had always been attracted to "tit men", probably because with a chest her size, men who loved busty women just naturally flocked to her, hoping against all hope of getting a chance to see and taste what was filling out that bra so fully! The first time Vance got his hands on them, Jeanne was sure that she was going to have to pry his mouth off with pliers he was so enamored with them! It was the ultimate compliment, really, a man so in love with her chest that when ever they were together he spent at least half the evening with his head in her lap nursing on her! They were made for each other, really, in that both of them had enormous appetites for long sessions of non stop sex! Many a time when they were traveling in the car, Jeanne would put her head in Vance`s lap and suck him to completion, while on the other hand, Vance would take his hand, stick it inside of her panties, and finger her for hours on end, the result always being the same, his wife having an orgasm that would almost shake the car!

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Wednesday Afternoon

Finally Marion got up out of her chair, walked over to the desk, and removed a large black strap on dildo and harness. Evie moaned out loud a the mere sight of the thick latex satisfier, the only question now was whether she would be mounted by Marion or Anna! Her answer came quick enough when Marion tossed the dildo to Anna and said, "Put it on and give her the fucking of her life!" When she turned to face Evie with the brutal looking appendage sticking obscenely from the little blonde`s crotch, the older woman dug her fingers deep into her own pussy and worked them around, trying to get ready for the assault she knew was coming! Anna slid between her heavy thighs until the head of her destroyer was resting against Evie`s opening, reaching down she worked the big head up and down the hairy cunt until she was sure everything was properly lubricated. When she was sure everything was ready, Anna pushed her little tight ass forward, slowly impaling Evie`s cunt with the black rubber dick! Before Anna had even bottomed out, Evie wailed out loud and had a massive orgasm in her over stretched pussy! Anna lay her small firm breasts on Evie`s pillows and began her in and out siege on the dripping slit! Evie was in seventh heaven as her cunt was exploding with climaxes as the little blonde used her as her personal fuck toy!

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Art Class

Looking back up at Michael, Mona commented some more, "Look ladies, his pecker is getting harder and his nut sack is tightening up, I think our model about is ready to blow his load, would anyone here like to let him ejaculate in her mouth!?" The usually quiet Kristie, practically leaped to the front of the room, took her place at Michael`s feet and fairly inhaled his big pecker into her hot mouth! "Oh, god", Michael moaned, "suck me off, I`m so close, let me shoot it in your mouth!" For the next minute or so, all that could be heard was the sound of Kristie`s mouth slurping up and down Michael`s big shaft and head, but all at once he sensed something else going on around him! As he gazed out at the rest of the class, all of the women were now furiously masturbating their hot pussies, and in a display of absolute brazenness, they thrust their crotches towards him in almost an offertory symbol of submission to his huge erection! Through gritted teeth he growled, "I`m fucking cumming, all you cunts cum with me, now!" Kristie`s hand was flying up and down his shaft as she masturbated his pecker into her mouth, but upon hearing he was about to shoot, she pulled her mouth away and took the thundering blasts directly onto her pretty face! The other women, seeing the cum splash across Kristie`s cheeks and chin, convulsed as their own pussies lost control and climaxed with in a crashing rush!

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Expose It

While Steven was feeding on Hanna's muff, she all at once had the urge to see Steven's eight inches in Brenda's mouth! In a soft almost in audible voice she said, "Take him in your mouth dear, let me see you suck him off!" Brenda slid down to the floor and positioned herself in a way that Hanna could see the big cock sticking into her mouth. Brenda was a born cocksucker, and she absolutely adored orally servicing Steven's thick pecker! Hanna groaned as Steven worked her clit into a frenzy, and the mere sight of his big erection in the pretty secretary's mouth was enough to push her over another orgasmic cliff! Steven's nut sack tightened and he unleashed another torrent of cum, but this time into the waiting mouth of his cocksucker colleague! Brenda swallowed quickly, trying to keep up with the spurting cum faucet, but with the huge amount of cum filling her mouth, some of it dribbled down her chin and onto the floor! Brenda's own finger was flying over her well lubricated clit, and the sudden eruption of cum in her mouth caused her pussy to quiver in a huge clitoral climax!

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