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As soon as the last spurts of cum had jettisoned the big pecker, Ingersoll jumped to his feet and fairly tore off his clothing, and after picing up a jar of k-y jelly, he generously lubed his asshole, because in a matter of seconds his hole would be stretched even farther than he thought possible! Leaning over the arm of the chair with his ass in the air and his legs wide apart, the senator begged, "Okay, Bobby, fuck my ass with your big pecker, make me fucking scream!" Bobby stepped between the older man's legs and lined up the head of his manhood with the tight little sphincter in front of him. He knew from past experience that Ingersoll Coolidge liked it a little on the rough side, so with one mighty plunge, he rammed his meat balls deep into the straining ass of his "victim"!!! Ingersoll buried his mouth into his arm and let out a loud and long scream that would have wakened the dead if not for his muffling of it, while Bobby slammed in and out of the tight little asshole, actually trying to tear the older man a "new one"!

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Crack In The Wall

Over the next few days Brian got a chance to see practically every woman on the tenth floor totally naked! It wasn`t always the best bodies that were the most interesting either! There was a over weight dark haired girl that had incredibly big boobs with areolae that must have been four inches across with thimble size nipples that always stayed hard! She was soon joined by a short blonde who had the lips of her pussy shaved smooth, along with outstanding tan lines where her tiny bikini had blocked out the sun! The two of them stood side by side soaping up, and even though he couldn`t hear their conversation, it was evident that they were having a good time together as they both seemed to be laughing at what ever they were saying! After about ten minutes washing a scrubbing, the blonde walked over to the door leading to the lavatory, looked around, returned to the tubby brunette, and then incredibly, took a hard nipple into her mouth and sucked on it greedily! The brunette reached down between her legs and furiously frigged her clit until she shook in the throes of a shattering climax! Still stunned from the sudden turn of events, Brian wasn`t ready when the tubby brunette slid to the floor and calmly began tonguing the little blonde`s bare cunt lips! That was it, Brian couldn`t take it any more, so he quickly pulled out his already hard pecker and started jerking it wildly to orgasm while watching the blonde writhe around as she ground her slit into the brunette`s eager mouth!

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The Guard

Anticipating that she might scream, Donna had placed a towel over Cindy's mouth to muffle her cries, and it was a good thing she did too, because Jud pounded the defenseless pussy into submission with twenty of the most vicious thrusts Donna had ever seen! Cindy ground her ass hard against the bars, trying desperately to take all the cock this stud man could give her, until on his last stroke, her vagina boiled over in an orgasm of monumental proportions, the likes of which Cindy had never experienced in her entire life! When Jud finally let his now shrinking member fall from her gaping cunt, Cindy would have fallen to the floor if it were not for Donna holding her up! Cindy turned her head to thank him, but Jud was already gone, continuing his rounds of cell block D!

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Conditiond Response

"Jesus, fucking christ", she shrieked, while her orgasm ripping through her cunt on Bobby`s first stroke! The little white girl from Ohio was now totally over the edge, and begging for the black giant to fuck tight little pussy harder! Bobby continued to bang away at his prey, bringing Cindy to at least four more climaxes in the next five minutes! When he was ready to shoot his own load, Bobby pulled his pecker out, and shoved it back into Cindy`s mouth, where upon she swallowed a torrent of hot cum in two big gulps! Like most white whores, Cindy didn`t want to give up her prize, and she continued sucking even after Bobby`s prick had grown soft in her mouth!

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