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The Bus Depot

Now totally naked, Erin shivered while the older woman walked all around her, checking her out from all angles. "Very nice, very nice," repeated Lindsey, "my friends will just love you!!!" Now afraid to speak, Erin could only wonder what Lindsey meant by "friends"! Still only eighteen, and even though she had a very well developed chest, the rest of Erin's body was still that of a very young girl, with slim hips, and just a smattering of light blonde fuzz on her puffy vaginal lips. "Get in the tub," Lindsey said, and Erin slid over the edge and into the hot water, and then watched in shock as Lindsey removed her own clothing and climbed in with her, taking the youngster in her arms and kissing her deeply on the mouth, their two huge chests squishing together! Lindsey had fucked literally hundreds of women and girls in her day, and instinctively she knew that Erin was getting aroused by the kiss and breast rubbing. Pulling away, Lindsey then asked, "Have you ever tasted a pussy!?!" Erin shook her head from side to side and replied, "I've never been with a woman before at all!"

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Wonder Drug

Willa only hesitated for a second before her mouth engulfed the little erection and sucked it like a baby`s pacifier! "Oh my that`s nice", Kiana sighed, "suck my little pussy pecker for me, it feels so nice to have your mouth around it!" Willa`s mind was racing, for all of her twenty years she had only thought of herself as purely heterosexual, but just the sight of that monster clit had turned her into a raving cunt lapper, just incredible!, and even though it couldn`t hold a candle to Kiana`s whopper, she was still dancing on the edge of orgasm by just tightening and untightening her pussy muscles! "Willa, dear", Kiana said softly, "I`m really close to orgasm, and if you would just lick the tip of my head, I`ll get off very nicely!" Willa turned her attention to the little nub at the end of two inch shaft and began massaging it with the tip of her tongue! "Ohhhhhhhh", Willa purred, "make mama`s clitty cum for her, just like the good little clit sucker you are!" Willa swirled her tongue around the little head until she felt Kiana pushing her cunt hard into her, an indication that her climax was near, and only seconds later, it came, a cunt wrenching explosion that tore through the trembling clitoris of the over excited little bitch, while continuing to suck furiously, driving her room mate to and past the point of total sexual exhilaration!

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Barber Shop

When she was sure that the hair on Bailey`s lips were soft and supple, Maire took a razor and carefully began shaving the by now very puffy lips! As she was shaving her, Marie commented, "Madame`s lips are very plump, and her clitoris is also very full, oui!?!" Bailey was now breathing shallowly, and she was glad that that sounded like a rhetorical question, because she wasn`t sure that she could have answered her! Finally the cold steel stopped moving over her lips, and Bailey could feel that Marie was now using a scissors on her vee bush! Marie worked quickly, and soon the vee was shaped and trimmed to a more manageable size, neat and trim over the now smooth pussy lips! After she was done with her trimming and shaving, Marie again ran some hot water and rewashed Bailey`s crotch, this time, however, she purposely let her fingers massage the prominent clit that had forced its way through the folds of flesh that usually kept it hidden! Again, Maire dried Bailey`s hair and then applied a thin layer of warm oil to her just shaved lips, taking a lot of time to make sure that any razor burn was soothed with the slick substance! As she palmed the bulging lips, Marie said softly, "I think Madame needs the complete treatment, no!?!" Through gritted teeth Bailey panted, "P-p-lease, yes, do it now, please!" Marie smiled, gave Bailey`s vagina one last rub, and them plugged in a large thick vibrator and slowly slid it into the now drenched cunt!

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To keep her calm until her masseuse arrived, the barber would usually insert a small vibrator into her pussy inducing a much need climax! She then would take a ten or fifteen minute nap, with the vibrator still humming softly in her pussy, driving her libido towards another cum! When he finally arrived, he would always have her turn over on her belly so he could start on her back and ass! Her ass while not fat, was full and womanly, and he would coat his hands with oil and knead the firm flesh, while periodically sliding down her ass crack to her puffed up pussy! As her desire grew, he would have her lift up off the table so he could slide a pillow under her belly, this had the effect of lifting her crotch up in the air and making it more available to manual manipulation! Gently, he would then spread her legs, leaving her wide open and ready to go! On some days, he would lean down and tongue her to orgasm, while on others, he would simply use his fingers on her open anus and vagina, she really never knew what was going to happen! Today, however, he decided to treat her to something different! He opened a drawer and retrieved a large thick dildo and after covering its head with oil, slowly inserted it into her pulsating cunt! This was a definitely a surprise, as today she had been expecting to be sucked off! Grunting hard, she pushed back against the steady thrusting, trying hard to force the massive latex invader deeper into her needy slit until her orgasm cascaded over her like a tidal wave, until she collapsed in a heap with the big rubber cock hanging out of her well fucked cunt!

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Pool Party

It was a very erotic sight, a pretty woman getting her pussy eaten by a man in a pool, and then getting a suck job on her breasts by another woman! Now, no one was in the mood for any jokes, and as if by magic, all three of the other men quickly attained erections, which of course they all started to slowly fist in their hands! Katie, seeing that Gene was jerking his big cock, sat down on the chair in front of him, took him into her mouth, and began sucking him softly as he sighed, "Oh my, I never get tired of this, suck it for me, hon!" Although they all liked a good fucking, this group was ravenously oral, and in most cases the men would end up ejaculating into the women`s mouths, and of course, the women would drench their husbands` faces and mouths with oodles of hot cunt juice! Winnie`s breathing had now become very shallow and irregular as Troy`s mouth attacked her vagina like the Germans were invading Poland, and while offering little or no resistance, she spread her legs as wide as they would stretch to afford her husband maximum access to her now quivering cunt!

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