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Expose It

While Steven was feeding on Hanna's muff, she all at once had the urge to see Steven's eight inches in Brenda's mouth! In a soft almost in audible voice she said, "Take him in your mouth dear, let me see you suck him off!" Brenda slid down to the floor and positioned herself in a way that Hanna could see the big cock sticking into her mouth. Brenda was a born cocksucker, and she absolutely adored orally servicing Steven's thick pecker! Hanna groaned as Steven worked her clit into a frenzy, and the mere sight of his big erection in the pretty secretary's mouth was enough to push her over another orgasmic cliff! Steven's nut sack tightened and he unleashed another torrent of cum, but this time into the waiting mouth of his cocksucker colleague! Brenda swallowed quickly, trying to keep up with the spurting cum faucet, but with the huge amount of cum filling her mouth, some of it dribbled down her chin and onto the floor! Brenda's own finger was flying over her well lubricated clit, and the sudden eruption of cum in her mouth caused her pussy to quiver in a huge clitoral climax!

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Little Tommy`s Boner

Still not exactly sure what to do, he watched in wide eyed wonder as she lifted her dress and showed him her panty clad vagina with her right hand stuck inside of it! She quickly shucked her panties and exposed her dark hairy cunt to his by now saucer sized eyes! "Pull it back out," she ordered, "I want to see you jerk it off!!!" Regaining his senses and realizing that this was a once in a lifetime shot, he reached in and extracted his now steel hard organ for her hungry gaze to devour! She moved over for a closer look, and throwing caution and good sense to the four winds, dropped to her knees and lovingly took the hard erection into her mouth! Tommy had never felt anything so wonderful in his entire life! He thought that jerking off was as good as it got, and in no way was her prepared for the feeling of having a warm mouth engulf his organ, and naturally he reacted that way too, and in a matter of seconds he filled her mouth with a giant load of teenaged jism!

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When she finished eating, the young man arose and told her to follow him down a long dark corridor, before stopping in front of a heavy wooden door, where he knocked twice, and a heavy bolt could be heard being thrown before the door slowly swung open. The feeling in Blair`s tummy had been more than correct, as the first thing she saw was a group of western looking women in various stages of undress. "W-what is this", she stammered, but already knowing the answer!? The young man who had been so polite, now turned to face her and replied, "I think you know what this is, Miss Ryan, but since you wish and explanation, I will give you one!" "As you can see", he went on, "all of these ladies are from the west, that being the U.S., Canada, England, or Australia!" "Here in the Middle East, the fruit of the white western woman is highly prized, so we afford our countrymen the opportunity to pick that forbidden fruit, do you understand!?" "It`s a brothel, "she replied a matter of factly, "and you kidnapped all of us to be used as your whores!" A small smile played across the young man`s face as he replied, "Of course you are correct, but this is a very expensive brothel, and I`m sure you will be most happy here!"

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House Guests

"I think that you`re perverted", Dina said to her husband, Alan, "spying on our guests, you must be out of your mind!" Alan snickered while he fine tuned the monitor that was receiving a live feed from the guest bedroom! "Oh loosen up, Dee", he replied in an exasperated voice, "don`t try and tell me that you haven`t wondered what Rick has hidden inside of his shorts!" Dina rolled her eyes and retorted, "It makes no difference what I`ve thought about, what matters is that it`s wrong to take advantage of our friends like this!" Just then, Jackie, Rick`s wife, came into the picture and began removing her clothing to get ready for a shower! Alan gave out a low whistle and said, "Wow, Dee, look at the body on her, fantastic!" Before Dina could answer, Rick also appeared on the screen, coming up behind his wife and cupping her ripe breasts I his hands! "Look", Alan said excitedly, "Rick`s gonna fuck her", and instead of acting outraged, Dina sat down on the bed next to Alan and watched in fascination while one of her best friends from college sucked and fucked her husband with the wanton abandon of a French whore!

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Lactation Room Crash!

Andy alternated from one breast to another, giving each one a rest from the constant squeezing and pulling, and he was just about to ask Donna how much more they needed to extract when he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman who was sexually excited! Donna had made a soft moan and unconsciously pressed her thighs together, sure indicators that she was highly aroused! Licking his lips, which had now become very dry, Andy decided to take a chance and without even asking, he leaned over and took a dark nipple into his mouth! "Oh, god", Donna groaned, "you do that so well!" "Sweet jesus", Andy thought, "I don`t believe this is happening to me", as he slurped on Donna`s chest! "Andy, dear", she cooed softly, "suck some milk from my nipples, it turns me on so much to breast feed a man!" Andy didn`t need another invitation, and using his lips and tongue he drew hard on the puffy nipple, and incredibly his mouth was flooded with sweet tit milk! Donna hissed loudly as he nursed harder and harder, while he alternated between the two dark nipples!

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