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Stephany is a sexy blonde and single. That day, she meets her ex-boyfriend she had not met for a long time. This encounter was so unexpected and pleasant it immediately results in a game of seduction between the two former partners. They decide to put in a discreet corner of the city center to be quiet.

Like the good old times

It took them a few minutes to find the attraction that had eaten them before. No spark is lost and the attraction is immediate. The pretty princess made her curtsy, kneels and tries to refresh his favorite dessert with a pacifier in vanilla milk. She leaves the guy's cock from his pants and devours it like it was the first time she saw. First she licks his balls and applies simultaneously polish out the giant tail. The guy is easily excited and let them. Stephany is a pro pacifier and she knows how to make it last for using his hands and mouth. Similarly, she was surprised to much effect his ex she devotes herself fully to this moment is unique, and it ends with ecstasy.

One for the road

The pretty Stephany is found sitting on a bench, his mouth wide open. Her ex-boyfriend gently slides it his cock and fuck him up to achieve in depth. He sticks his dick deep throat such amateur videos. It holds the head of the blonde, and moves towards the stinger so she could well draw the sauce. It almost happened in seventh heaven, but it can add a delay to the explosion. A small massage balls at the same time that the penetration in its mouth relaxes the guy he moaned with pleasure. He retires and starts to kiss the pretty lips of the blonde. It is no longer in place and feels that the sauce is ready to come out. She takes him by the buttocks and sinking to bottom this tail in the throat and he squirts a large amount of cum on her face.

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