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After The Party

She was going to protest, but he grabbed her by the arm and led her over to a picnic table that was just a few yards away! He pushed down on her back and said in a thick voice, "My, god, Pris, just seeing your pussy bulging out and having that stream of potty coming out of it, I am so fucking turned on I can`t stand it!" Her dress, still up around her hips, left her naked below the waist and ready to be taken! While he pulled out his cock with one hand, he fingered her slit with the other, causing her to moan and slide her ass around on the dew covered table! He took the head of his pecker and ran it along her slit, teasing her clit until she was begging for him to fuck her! "Mmmm, I don`t know Pris", he said doubtfully, "maybe I shouldn`t, what if somebody sees us?!" "Are you nuts", she panted, "it`s almost four in the morning, all of the sane people are home in bed, now fuck me, now!" Unlike there quickie before the party, this time Gil took his time, using long even strokes, making the sensation on the head of his pecker last just as long as it could! Priscilla, on the other hand, while she enjoyed long hard fucks, was more in the mood to get rammed hard and fast!

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Old Lesbian Friends

By now Virna was in a state of extreme sexual heat, and desperately needed the relief only a hard climax could deliver! She pushed Erin back down on the sofa, lay down with her legs spread wide apart and her head back in Erin's lap. She motioned for Lindsey to take a place between her open legs while she again took Erin's nipple into her mouth! Lindsey took up residence between the older woman's thighs and gave her a short hot session of female to female oral sex. With a mouth full of tit, Virna begged Lindsey to finish her off, so the dyke bitch pulled her mouth away from the steaming cunt, and in one quick stroke, buried the ten inch satisfier deep into the pussy of the now quaking woman! When the huge dildo bottomed out, Virna let Erin's nipple slip from her mouth as she screamed in orgasmic delight as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her shaking body, while Lindsey sat between her legs and rammed the rubber phallus in and out of her defenseless quim!

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Lactation Room Crash!

Andy alternated from one breast to another, giving each one a rest from the constant squeezing and pulling, and he was just about to ask Donna how much more they needed to extract when he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman who was sexually excited! Donna had made a soft moan and unconsciously pressed her thighs together, sure indicators that she was highly aroused! Licking his lips, which had now become very dry, Andy decided to take a chance and without even asking, he leaned over and took a dark nipple into his mouth! "Oh, god", Donna groaned, "you do that so well!" "Sweet jesus", Andy thought, "I don`t believe this is happening to me", as he slurped on Donna`s chest! "Andy, dear", she cooed softly, "suck some milk from my nipples, it turns me on so much to breast feed a man!" Andy didn`t need another invitation, and using his lips and tongue he drew hard on the puffy nipple, and incredibly his mouth was flooded with sweet tit milk! Donna hissed loudly as he nursed harder and harder, while he alternated between the two dark nipples!

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For The Money

Gwen joined her fellow sunbathers back at pool side on one of the lounge chairs, while Hal hopped out of the water and sat down at a pool side table and started going over some business correspondence his secretary had left out for him while every so often he would steal glance at the eight young naked women lying not more than twenty feet away from him. His thick cock twitched with each glance, and a within a few minutes he was fully aroused and ready for action! He stood up and paced in front of the women, while slowly fisting his hard pecker. Gwen had heard the term "alpha male", but never until this very minute did she understand its significance! Standing in front of her was one of the richest men in the world, and all at once she knew she world do almost anything to curry his favor! She reached down to her vagina and began lewdly fingering her hairy slit, trying desperately to gain his attention, and as she glanced over at the other girls, she was surprised to find that each and everyone of them was finger fucking herself in the hope of impressing the boss!

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