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Conditiond Response

"Jesus, fucking christ", she shrieked, while her orgasm ripping through her cunt on Bobby`s first stroke! The little white girl from Ohio was now totally over the edge, and begging for the black giant to fuck tight little pussy harder! Bobby continued to bang away at his prey, bringing Cindy to at least four more climaxes in the next five minutes! When he was ready to shoot his own load, Bobby pulled his pecker out, and shoved it back into Cindy`s mouth, where upon she swallowed a torrent of hot cum in two big gulps! Like most white whores, Cindy didn`t want to give up her prize, and she continued sucking even after Bobby`s prick had grown soft in her mouth!

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The Guard

Anticipating that she might scream, Donna had placed a towel over Cindy's mouth to muffle her cries, and it was a good thing she did too, because Jud pounded the defenseless pussy into submission with twenty of the most vicious thrusts Donna had ever seen! Cindy ground her ass hard against the bars, trying desperately to take all the cock this stud man could give her, until on his last stroke, her vagina boiled over in an orgasm of monumental proportions, the likes of which Cindy had never experienced in her entire life! When Jud finally let his now shrinking member fall from her gaping cunt, Cindy would have fallen to the floor if it were not for Donna holding her up! Cindy turned her head to thank him, but Jud was already gone, continuing his rounds of cell block D!

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The Prisoner

Hannah leaned back and let her body relax as the cute little nineteen year old inmate sucked feverishly on her dripping vagina! "Oh, yes", Hannah sighed, "do my clit for me, mmmmmmm, you have a very talented tongue, my dear!" Beth worked her mouth up and down Hannah Oldman`s pussy, making sure to spend a lot of time on her erect little clitoris, because she knew that this was simply and audition, and that if she displeased the warden in any way, she would be shipped right back to Mac`s cell! As her orgasm grew nearer, Hannah pushed the intercom button and in a shallow voice asked her secretary to come into her office! Beth started to pull away, but a firm hand on the back of her head told her that she was to keep licking no matter what! Behind her, she could hear the door open, and then the warden said, "Connie, you remember Beth, she`s a wonderful cunt lapper, and I just wanted you to see her suck me to orgasm! "Watch us Connie", Hannah gasped, "watch the little cunt eat my pussy and love every second of it!" Beth`s head was now spinning, here she was sucking the warden`s pussy while her secretary watched, just incredible! "Connie, dear", Hannah moaned, "would you lift your dress and masturbate for me, you know how much I love seeing you finger your shaved little pussy!"

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Old Lesbian Friends

By now Virna was in a state of extreme sexual heat, and desperately needed the relief only a hard climax could deliver! She pushed Erin back down on the sofa, lay down with her legs spread wide apart and her head back in Erin's lap. She motioned for Lindsey to take a place between her open legs while she again took Erin's nipple into her mouth! Lindsey took up residence between the older woman's thighs and gave her a short hot session of female to female oral sex. With a mouth full of tit, Virna begged Lindsey to finish her off, so the dyke bitch pulled her mouth away from the steaming cunt, and in one quick stroke, buried the ten inch satisfier deep into the pussy of the now quaking woman! When the huge dildo bottomed out, Virna let Erin's nipple slip from her mouth as she screamed in orgasmic delight as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her shaking body, while Lindsey sat between her legs and rammed the rubber phallus in and out of her defenseless quim!

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The Lesson

"Mother", Katie gasped, "how often do you do this!?" "I masturbate a couple of times a week", Marge panted, "but your father fucks me on the other days, sometimes twice, once in the morning before work, and then again at bedtime!" "Do you like sucking him", Katie asked through clenched teeth?! "Oh, yes", Marge hissed, "your father lets me suck him when ever I want to, because he knows that I have an enormous sexual appetite, and am in constant need of sexual attention!" "Do you think that I`ll need it that much, too", Katie moaned, while frigging her slit like a maniac!?" "Honey, it`s a medical fact that women reach their sexual peak at age forty", Marge responded, "it`s only going to get more intense for you, your pussy will become far more demanding than it is right now, it will become voracious in its need for sexual satisfaction!" "Mommy", Katie groaned, while now on the edge of her cum, "I`m glad our pussies need it so badly, aren`t you!?" Just the sound of her daughter talking so sexily, and the sight of her cute little body on the verge of a powerful climax drove Marge right over the edge as her whole body shook with a devastating orgasm!

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